Reviews for Silver Tie Films - Wedding Videographer in Napa Valley, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area

From Thea and Mark

Silver Tie Films is just plain awesome! At first, I was hesitant to go with a videographer because we were over budget, and the fact that my husband did not like to be in the lime light. However, after speaking with some brides, their one biggest regret was not having a videographer. I did not want to have regrets. After contacting countless videographers, I found that the prices quoted to me were more expensive than I had originally thought, especially all the good ones with high reviews. I began to lose hope, and told Gusttavo at Silver Tie Films that his prices are well over our budget. One big difference with Gusttavo was that he did not give up on me; he broke down some options, and told me what I was able to get within the budget that I had proposed. I felt that that he was very honest and transparent with all his fees, responded professionally and quickly to any questions, and most importantly, he provided the flexibility for options. On the day of the wedding, I barely noticed that a video camera was filming us. It was well hidden from the photographer’s line of shot which was great! I ended up adding the highlighted video to our package. To be honest, this was my favorite thing to watch. I probably watched the highlighted video (3.5 minutes long) a 100 times. It was beautifully done, capturing all of our highlighted moments, the sound was so clear, and the music that was selected and played during the highlight was very romantic. All of our family and friends loved it! I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Silver Tie Films. I felt that Gusttavo maintained continuous professionalism, even with one of my demanding photographer. He worked hard at trying to ensure that the Bride and the Groom enjoyed our day. I highly recommend Silver Tie Films to any Bride wanting a videographer. The wedding day passes by so quickly, and you want someone that knows how to tell your story in a very special way. Silver Tie Films knows how.
Wedding: 08/10/2013
Services Used: Videography

From David & Emily

Gusttavo and SilverTie Films were an absolute pleasure to work with on my wife and my wedding. Gusttavo was extremely outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly let my wife and I enjoy our wedding, all while creating the most amazing wedding video I have ever watched.
I would highly recommend Gusttavo and SilverTie Films to anybody.
My husband and I were so happy that we worked with Gusttavo from Silver Tie Films. He was extremely professional and reliable and most importantly created the most amazing Wedding Video that we will have forever. We have recommended him highly to all of our friends & family.
Wedding: 06/22/2013
Services Used: Videography

From Chris & Patricia

Gusttavo and his co-worker Curtis did a fantastic job filming our wedding. We are so happy with the final videos that were produced as well as additional footage. Gusttavo is very friendly and easy to work with. He’s also very creative and knows good songs to play in the wedding videos.
Wedding: 05/18/2013
Services Used: Videography

From MaryAnn & Kenny

If I could give 10 Stars I would! WOW…Where do I begin…My husband and I looked at our budget and originally decided not to have a videographer for our wedding. After watching some testimonials from couples who were in the same situation, who then decided to “find” the money to have one, and were beyond thrilled that they did, we in turn decided to have a videographer. I did a lot of research and interviewed several different videographers…to finally come to Gusttavo and SilverTie Films. He was kind, understanding and when I checked out his website with the links to videos hes done, I was sold. He was so easy to work with, provided excellent customer service and gave me one less thing to worry about.We had a fairytale wedding. So beautiful and special. It was a Catholic church wedding. I expressed to Gusttavo and SilverTie films all that My husband I wanted…and They delivered..on a silver platter with gold coins and roses! From the moment we started the video, my husband and I were in tears. He captured EVERY single moment, so special and so real and created this whimsical and romantic story for our video, it left us speechless. We showed it to a few of our closest friends and family, some of whom just got married and who will be getting married later this year, and everyone stated our wedding video was hands down the best video anyone has seen. Bottom line: If you are on the brink of making a decision and deciding if it is financially worth it to have a videographer to capture your wedding…DO IT…and hire Gusttavo and SilverTie Films..you WILL NOT be disappointed. You will be more than glad you spent the money and have the memories for a lifetime. Thank you Gusttavo and SilverTie Films!!!
Wedding: 10/14/2012
Services Used: Videography

From Stephanie & Jaymie

After struggling with unexpected wedding expenses late into our wedding planning, the hope for having a videographer was slowly being pushed farther down the list. I can not say enough how happy I am with our decision to follow through and have one. Choosing Silver Tie Films to film our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made. After reading multiple reviews on Yelp and wedding wire we decided that for the best value and quality Silver Tie Films would offer what we were looking for.
Gusttavo was such a pleasure to work with and so professional from the first contact we had with each other. He was so quick to respond to emails and questions we had, faster than anyone I’ve ever done business with. Even though he was not a preferred vendor with our wedding coordinator he and his partner worked perfectly along side our photographer and the other event staff.
The day of the wedding he was able to film all the important shots prior to the wedding and late into the reception. His package prices are quite reasonable and affordable for those on a budget. He will even work with you on spacing out your down payments if needed which was very helpful to us.
Our wedding video came 5 months after the wedding like stated in a beautiful DVD case that had a picture of me and my husband our photographer took. He included 2 copies of our video and a hard drive with all the raw footage. The video itself could not have bren more perfect at capturing all the right moments. The background played us speaking our wedding vows to each other throughout the video. It was definitely a tear jerker!
The little things Gusttavo did such as sending us a Christmas card, and emails wishing us well wishes in our marriage is what sets him apart from the others.
I highly recommend Silver Tie Films to those seeking a videographer! It’s definitely a dollar worth spending.
Wedding: 09/14/2012
Services Used: Videography

From Ryan & Lynda

Gusttavo from Silver Tie Films was awesome to work with. We had no relationship with him before our wedding and selected him based on sample videos we watched on his website. We liked the artsy feel and look to the videos. He met with us before hand to discuss our goals and his thoughts. He was very professional and responsive with our requests before and during the wedding. When we got the final preview video and final full video, we were blown away. It captured the day perfectly and will a great memento to have for the future. Highly recommend them.
Wedding: 09/01/2012
Services Used: Videography
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